Got this thing from a gamestop with a bunch of WEIRD pics on it and other junk. Thanks for taking the time to publish this. If you have your Nintendo Network ID connected to your 3DS, you’ll first need to make sure the device is connected to the internet before you can factory reset it, so the NNID can be unlinked from the 3DS. Tried several times to get master key. Information. The main advantage of this tool is that it supports the current algorithm (10 character inquiry number). Setting up parental controls is easy, and is restricted by a 4-digit PIN which you can use to make changes to the settings at any time. I sell a lot of different items online through Craigslist, and eBay. I choose the “Clear Settings” option: Then go back into the DSi system settings screen from step 1 (looks like a wrench). Since most of the items that I sell are used, they oftentimes have info with the previous owner’s photos, music and other data. WHAT DO I DO? nikol patzer, Tried only the last one & it worked thnk U, THIS TOTALLY WORKS :'D It saved my boyfriend and I so much time. I appreciate it. Nintendo DS Lite Screen & Shell Replacement! Same, the last one was the one! It´s worked!! I was confused at first because you need to set the DSi's date to the current date, © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — I bought a used DSI from eBay and it had a bunch of stuff stored on it that I didn’t want. And… Nada, Thank so much, didnt work the first time, but tried and again this time re-selecting the date and it worked perfectly, Worked a treat, very simple to do. Factory Reset for Nintendo DSI XL Without A Pin: From the “ Menu ,” tap “ Start .”. Nintendo DSi Shop: Restrict the use of Nintendo Points. Submit Official Nintendo Website Nintendo Account & NNID; My Nintendo; Network Status; Digital Purchases. Worked! This is how to remove the parental controls pin number so you can reset the Nintendo DSi (or XL) to factory settings: First, go to the Nintendo system settings. | Copyright 2020. How to reset a Nintendo DS to its factory settings; Nintendo 3DS 3D XL DSi How To Bypass Parental Controls forgotten pin; Let’s Refurb! Now you are ready to resell the Nintendo DSi or DSi XL with no information from the previous owner. The last link was the best one, helped me reset a second-hand DSi easily. Select Parental Controls and tap "I Forgot" on the PIN entry screen. If you forget your PIN, it's possible to reset it by following these steps: Open the System Settings software from the Nintendo DSi (XL) Menu. Follow the steps on the screen: Wait a few minutes for the system to restore. Sometimes, however, the Nintendo DSi systems will have over 200 photos of the previous owner stored on the machine. On my Nintendo 3D that I just bought, I can't get the parental controls off. Now enter the 5 digit code from the website into the DSi and click OK: It will bring you to the next screen where it will give you a few options. Nintendo 3DS Family; Game & Watch; Classic Edition Series; Wii & Wii mini; Wii U; Nintendo DSi Family; Nintendo DS Family; Nintendo Documents & Policies; Accounts & My Nintendo. This really helped out! You need to reset a Parental Controls PIN on a Nintendo 3DS Family system. This program comes pre-installed on all Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL systems, with the exception of the earliest versions of the Nintendo DSi system. The parental controls are unlocked by entering a five-digit PIN which was set when the controls were activated. Note Registering an e-mail for use with parental controls will allow you to conveniently acquire a PIN-resetting master key in the event that you forget both your PIN and secret question. Parental controls on Nintendo systems allow you to manage what your child can and cannot use on his or her system. Do it incorrectly three times. While the Nintendo DSi can provide hours of fun for your children, many parents are making use the parental control settings. Edit: I used this for a dsi xl and it was quick and easy. I tried calling them, but they said that the service was no longer available. You can find a full list of features you can restrict on the Nintendo 3DS family of system here. The system's Parental Controls can restrict the following features or settings: Software Rating – Restrict the use of Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi software based on Classification board ratings. Alternatively you can find various tools online that should be able to accomplish the same task without needed to contact Nintendo. thank you, i was really stuck and had tried everything to remember the old code. It worked with a DSi that he bought from a third party seller. I think you can actually contact Nintendo and they will help you and give you the code to type in to reset the control. I cant figure out the pin number, so I need some way to hard reset … @chilledlava. Parental Controls; Internet Connection; Nintendo Switch Online; Other Systems. You will then be issued with … Yes, it does say it is for the Wii, but Nintendo uses the same algorithm for the DSi. How to. This is how to remove the parental controls pin number so you can reset the Nintendo DSi (or XL) to factory settings: First, go to the Nintendo system settings. Scroll to the 4th page until you see “Format System Memory”: NOTE: Formatting the system memory will delete everything off of the DSi. Any help would be appreciated. If this PIN has been forgotten, you must phone Nintendo to get them to reset it. Ring the number given in the Nintendo DSi Operations Manual and provide the Enquiry Number. Be sure that the date on that website matches the date on your DSi. This tool generates the "master key" (unlock code) for 3DS, Wii U and Switch parental controls. Thank you kind sir! Now you will need to visit this website: If this video helps please check out some of my other vids and share. Optimizing Your Craigslist Search Results, Avoiding Craigslist Spammers and Scammers, Safe Ideas to Buy and Sell on Craigslist During Covid, How to Actually Get a Human at 1-800-ASK-USPS. I did a hard reset take battery out and it still has a parental controls, so what do I do to fix it? You need to delete each photo individually, which can be very time consuming. Would recommend to someone else, I followed the comments and went right to the third link! [CDATA[ // ]]> I generally try to clean them up the best I can before listing it for sale online. Select the “I Forgot” button on the bottom: It will then bring you to a screen that asks you to answer the secret question. I just wrote a quick little tool to obtain Parental Control password reset codes without having to call Nintendo. Wii Parental Control password reset tool Confirmation Number: Current Date in your timezone: Fri, 18 Dec 2020 Sat, 19 Dec 2020 Sun, 20 Dec 2020 When you turn it on, you will need to enter information such as the time and date. If you've forgotten the password for a child account, it can be reset from within the "Family group" option available under the parent or guardian's Nintendo Account. [CDATA[ google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2500394816078706"; google_ad_slot = "2172827008"; google_ad_width = 300; google_ad_height = 250; // ]]> //

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